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New video tutorials below. More videos and new features coming March 6th, 2019: Search, My Estimates, My Customer Invoices!

1  Getting Started

You can use to view Customer Specific Pricing, Product Availability at your local branch, and your Order History.
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2  Account Creation

New and existing customers can apply for an account with Locke Supply.
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3  Catalog

You can use the Locke Supply online catalog to quickly find the products that you need.
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4  My Account

Edit/update your Account Settings for Locke Supply.
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5  My Branch

Set or update your Home Branch for Locke Supply.
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7  Customer Pricing

You can now view your Customer Specific Pricing online.
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8  Product Availability

You can Check Availability of Locke Supply products online. Availability requires a Customer Number (set by a Locke Supply associate) and a Home Branch. You can set/change your Home Branch from your My Account settings or from any product page.
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9  Order History

You can view your Order History online.
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10  My Estimate

Using My Estimate you can quickly create a custom estimated price quote based on your customer account with Locke Supply.
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11  My Customer Invoice

You can use My Estimate to quickly create a custom invoice for your customer with your logo, pricing markup, tax rate, and message.
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