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Septic Field Rejuvenator 32oz
Locke Part #: M1848MFG Part #: 736683 0000364
Septic System Digester 32oz
Locke Part #: M1859MFG Part #: 736683 000050
Septic System Digester is a specially formulated maintainer developed to keep your septic tanks and septic fields perking and flowing properly. That means no back-ups, clogs, or foul odors. 736683000050
Super Digest It: Safe Drain Opener 32oz
Locke Part #: M1080MFG Part #: 736683 000029
For use in plugged and slow drains, grease traps, septic tanks, R.V. and boat holding tanks, porta-toilets, and dump stations. Works through standing water, will not freeze. 736683000029