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Web spray pattern, Provides a light, quick tack, suitable for both temporary and permanent bonds, Low soak in, Waterproof bond, Used for bonding paper, wood, metal, leather, vinyl, fabrics, foam to foam, foam to fabric, sponge, polyethylene sheets and car headliners., Areas of use include printers, industrial plants, shipping departments, schools, construction areas, auto upholstery repair shops and furniture manufacturers.
Industrial grade, High solids, Quick Tack, Strong bond, 350-550 sq.ft. per gallon
Versatile & Easy to Apply, Non-Flammable, Meets DOT 39 NRC Regulations, Strong Bonding, Fast Drying Adhesive, Excellent for use in boxing, taping, knife edging, lamination of foamed products, insulation, aluminum building boards, furniture and automotive upholstering, etc.
Product Image Not Available MR55 MAGNA TACK 55 GAL
Locke Part #: M0783MFG Part #: MR-55