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Combination Eye Wash/Emergency Shower
Locke Part #: A5020MFG Part #: S19-314 EW
Standard Equipment Bradtech safety yellow finish and impact-resistant shower head and eye wash bowl., Standard Equipment Shower head, 10" (254 mm) diameter yellow impact-resistant plastic, Model S24-070., Shower Valve, Chrome plated brass 1" IPS stay-open ball valve operated by stainless steel pull rod with triangle handle. Pull open - push close. Selfclosing valve spring adapter: Order Part No. S19-001., Eye Wash, Eye Wash Valve, Chrome plated 1/2" IPS stay-open ball valve, hand operated by stainless steel push flag handle., Standard, 1-1/4" galvanized steel pipe, Bradtect safety yellow coated, with floor flange. Provisions for vertical/horizontal supply.
Combination Eye Wash/Emergency Shower
Locke Part #: A5022MFG Part #: S19-200
Low-cost eyewash mounts easily to both standard and gooseneck faucets. Faucet remains usable., To eliminate the risk of scalding eyes during use, hot water supply to the faucet should be disconnected or tempered water be provided., cUPC Approved:, The Emergency Fixtures are certified to comply with the requirements of the Uniform Plumbing Code by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO)., Construction:, Pipe and fittings are chrome-plated brass. High-visible yellow dust caps are flexible plastic., Standard Sprayhead Assembly:, Sprayhead assembly is chrome-plated brass. Integral flow control assures safe, steady water flow under varying water supply conditions from 30-90 PSI., Adapters Included:, Diverter:, Chrome-plated brass diverter attaches to adapter. Provides for one-step activation which complies with ANSI Standard Z358.1- 2004 when installed and used properly., Standard Equipment, Faucet-Mount Eyewash Includes:, Chrome-plated brass eyewash unit with twin sprayheads, yellow plastic pop-off dust caps, faucet adapter, and diverter.
Double Roll
Locke Part #: A0952MFG Part #: 5224
Commercial Paper Holder
Single Roll
Locke Part #: A0951MFG Part #: 5054
Commercial Paper Holder
Wall Mounted Emergency Eye Wash
Locke Part #: A5000MFG Part #: S19-220
Standard Equipment Bradtect safety yellow finish and impactresistant bowl. Can be mounted on 1-1/4" waste line., General Specifications, Supplies are standard 1/2" IPS and drain is 1-1/4" IPS., Heads, Chrome plated brass spray head assembly with twin soft flow eye wash heads and, protective spray head covers., Valve, Chrome plated brass 1/2" IPS stay-open ball valve manually operated by stainless steel, push flag handle., Stream Control, Integral flow control assures safe steady flow under varying water supply conditions.