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Locke Part #: T1710MFG Part #: GA-GT
J-Tip design allows soldering or brazing in hard to reach areas while safely pointing the flame away from flammable surfaces., Snap-In tips designed for Goss GG-4 handle., GA-GT & GA-TT duel feather flame designed for special applications. 663000000000
Replacement Tip End For GP360L, GP-600
Locke Part #: T1693MFG Part #: BP-22LTE
Torch with GHT-T2 Twin tip
Locke Part #: T1709MFG Part #: 1400353
Hot Turbine Flame, Uses MAP-Pro Propylene or Propane fuel gas (CGA 600 cylinder connection), Filtered orifice to prevent clogging, All tips swivel 360 663000000000