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2" Hub, Std Opening
Locke Part #: P9093MFG Part #: A7517
200 AMP
2-1/2" Hub For P4021
Locke Part #: P9091MFG Part #: A7518
200 AMP
200A 1Ph Lever Bypass Locking Jaw
Locke Part #: P4022MFG Part #: U4801-XL-5T9
200 AMP
200A 3 Phase Meter Socket with Bypass
Locke Part #: P4021MFG Part #: U9701-RXL
200 AMP
3" Hub For P4023
Locke Part #: P9092MFG Part #: A8110
200 AMP
320A 3 Phase Meter Socket
Locke Part #: P4023MFG Part #: U3936R
200 AMP
Large Hub Blank for P4023
Locke Part #: P0280MFG Part #: A9064
200 AMP
Large to Small Hub Adapter Plate
Locke Part #: P0281MFG Part #: S8324
200 AMP
Flexible Platform, The CENTRON meter can easily be upgraded to any of the option modules available, All calibration data is permanently stored in the base of the meter on the CENTRON metrology board, Personality Modules, The interchangeable personality modules are part of a snap-in register assembly, The personality module houses all register or communication functionsEnhanced Performance, Enhanced Performance, Low starting watts, Low burden, Captures energy that was not monitored in the past by electromechanical meters, Tamper Resistant, Measures energy even if the meter is inverted, Standard Features, Electronic LCD register, Polycarbonate cover, Test LED Unattended Processing, Option Module Upgrades, Demand module (C1SD), TOU with demand module (C1ST), Load profile with TOU and demand module (C1SL), R300 900 MHz RF module (C1SR), Option Availability, Glass cover, Electronic detent, Identification/Accounting aids, Temperature Rise Specifications:, Meets ANSI C12.1, section