NATE Training in OKC

  • Posted on: 8/22/2019

Training offered for OKC area contractors and Locke Supply Associates ONLY. Space is limited


Heat Pump On-Line training over the textbook at home and on the Student’s schedule w/  hands-on lab work available after the 1st of the year at the training lab located at 1300 SE 82nd Oklahoma City, OK 73149

Locke Supply employees signup here:



The Contractor link and add-page for this class should soon appear on our in-store digital signage in the OKC area branches only.


To sign up, go to the link, and click on each week’s signup before you click the “Signup & Submit” button

The software will either e-mail you or text you a reminder each week.

When you click on each week to sign-up, notice that we have skipped the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend which is 12/1 and the Sunday before Christmas 12/22.

This means that we will meet only 23 times to get through the printed material. We hope to test in early March.

****Your deadline for sign-up is Thursday Sept. 12th  ***we need time to order materials to ensure an adequate supply for all signees***


Please do not sign up if you do not intend to do the work.  Many people are too busy to add something else to their schedule, and there is a cost to Locke Supply whether you are successful in the exam in March or not. 



Employee Cost:  Contact Jimmy Howell for information 405-535-7290


Contractor or Technician Cost:    $1,000.00 per person, per company with the 2nd  & each additional person per company at $750.00

Contractor Attendees:   The 1st 35 contractors to sign up. (preferably w/in 100 mi. of 001)    Below is the link for Contractor or Technician  not branch personnel.


Contractors:   This class does not currently count for CUE credit.  CUE credit may be possible in the future.



More information:


 Employee Attendees:  The 1st 25 Locke Supply Employees in the Metro area to sign up, w/ managers given preference.  


We’ve already asked if 2 people could sign up & share the materials.  It doesn’t really work that way.  Each person needs their own link and book, both digital and printed.  It actually costs more for digital only without the printed book.


This is a BETA class.  This invitation has only been sent to OKC area branch managers at this time.

As each one signs up, we will send you more information about the specific materials.

If curiosity is killing, you:  Perform an on-line search of Delmar publishing. The book:  Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technologies 8th edition and the word “mindtap”


The book will be in digital format as well as hard-bound book format.  Each will be rented for the term of the class.  The book rental is covered when the class is paid for. 


The cost of the NATE exam is included.


NATE Testing at Locke Supply to take place in March.  We are looking at Sat. 3/14, but that may be spring break for a lot of families.  We will remain flexible on the test date or dates for now.   Within a month of the test we will nail it down by consensus.   We are an approved facility, and we have an approved proctor. We will have more approved proctors before we test.   We will not be listed as a NATE testing facility until after our 1st test.

Passing the Heat Pump portion of the NATE exam nets a person w/ 4 certificates & chevrons as follows:

  • Heat Pump Installation
  • Heat Pump Service
  • Air Conditioning Installation
  • Air Conditioning Service





Assignments will be given out every Sunday afternoon beginning Mid-September.

On-line meeting (either Web-Ex or Zoom or Microsoft Teams) will be held every Sunday afternoon to go over last week’s work, and answer questions.   If you can’t make that meeting, you can access it later on-line.  We hope to find collaboration between students on chapter questions.

This is not cheating, this is learning.  The more collaboration the better!  However, if all you do is copy each other’s answers, you won’t pass this exam.


Expected homework will be 4-5 hours per week.   This is not a guarantee, some people will work much faster.  You will not be graded until you take the test, but there will be questions to answer every week.

A lot of your study and reading and flashcards can be done on your phone, but a computer or tablet is recommended when possible.


Employee attendees will also be given preference to help connect (install) and commission the A/C systems for the lab if at all possible, this fall.

Again: Hands-On lab work after the 1st of the year in the training lab, and we will be very flexible on the times we will make it available.

Lab time value is dependent on experience.  For a person with no experience, obviously lab time is more critical.


More Training:


  This is not the only training in the works.  Locke Supply competitors in some markets are offering EPA section 608 training at least once a month. We are not there yet, but we’re working on it.

Currently: We have applied for CEU credit for a 2-hour Mini-Split training in the Auditorium on 10/3.

This is by on-line link only, since space is limited to 200.  That link will not be published until later this month, when the CEU application is approved.

We will let you know by e-mail as soon as it is approved for CEU credit and will include the link to that class.



State HVAC Exams:


  For your contractors w/ unlicensed technicians:  This is not intended as a class specifically for passing the state HVAC exam, but would be a very good supplemental class for that.

                According to Gary Kirk at the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board:  The various state tests for HVAC are taken from either the book we are going through, or Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

The Book we will be using: Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technologies we will be using the 8th edition, which is the latest.  The CIB is now using the 5th edition along with the 2015 IMC and 2015 IFGC.

There is a link on their sign-up page that gives the details of licensing requirements.



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