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CLIPLIGHT Super Seal Advanced 947KIT Small System Leak Sealant, Can, Liquid, Clear


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  • For all systems up to 1.5 tons/5 KW
  • Advanced sealing power with moisture eliminator
  • Faster no recovery, no pump down
  • Contaminant and particle-free
  • Compatible with all oils and refrigerants
  • Super seal Advanced is engineered to HVACR industry standards and is easily installed into a fully charged system, with no pump down or recovery
  • Recommended for systems that are not losing more than 15% of the entire charge over a four week period
  • Eliminates 20 drops/1 mL of water
  • 0.95 g/cu-cm at 25 deg C density
  • Vacuum packed can
  • Color: Clear
  • Composition: Triethylorthoformate, Trimethoxyvinylsilane, n-(3-(Trimethoxysilyl Propyl) Ethylenediamine Trimethoxy(Methyl)Silane
  • Container Type: Can
  • Country of Origin: US
  • Flammability Rating: 3
  • Flash Point: 93 deg F
  • Form: Liquid
  • Net Weight: 1 oz
  • Odor/Scent: Ethereal

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