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Innovator QuickTrim Kit Lift and Turn with Coarse-Thread Body, Finish - White


  • Locke Part #: A2746
  • Mfg. Part #: 959290-WH-11-C
  • Manufacturer: Watco

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  • Designed for heavy-duty use in hotels, motels, and rental property, Theft-resistant, brass stopper
  • Adapter bar for changing from two to one-hole overflow plat, Replaceable, drip-proof Buna-N-Seal
  • Sturdy stainless steel looks as good as the original strainer body.
  • Produces very little additional height or inside-diameter reduction,
  • Brass strainer body, 1.25 deep
  • Uses for a tight, snug fit (one for brass strainer bodies
  • and one for zinc strainer bodies).
  • Eliminates labour required to remove and replace the strainer body, No reduction in flow rate.
  • Eliminates the possibility of cross-threading or damaging the tub
  • when replacing the strainer body, or of the drain fitting moving out
  • of line due to being stressed during installation (can require cutting
  • open the sheetrock to repair), Eliminates destroying the integrity of your test.
  • Operation:
  • To open, lift stopper and turn; to close, turn stopper and push down.
  • Thread Size:
  • Actual thread sizes and trade designations are listed on chart on
  • reserve Side
  • LIFT ANDTURN Trim Kit Parts List
  • Item
  • Part No.
  • Description
  • 01010
  • Knob, Brass
  • 11709
  • Lift And Turn D Pin, Full length, 3/8
  • 11088
  • Lift and Turn D Ring
  • 01013
  • PUSH PULL Stopper, Brass
  • 11507
  • PUSH PULL Seal, 11/16 dia.
  • 01022
  • Strainer Body, Brass, FT: 1.625 -16-1.25
  • 01002
  • 1-Hole Overflow Plate, metal
  • 01024
  • Overflow Plate Screw, Brass, 2.25
  • 11641
  • Adapter Bar, aluminum