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D/O VLV 1/2 NOM CMP X 3/8 CMP X 3/8 CMP


  • Locke Part #: B0248
  • Mfg. Part #: CR1901DVSX R
  • Manufacturer: BrassCraft Mfg Co
  • UPC: 26613137407

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  • Independent flow control. Dual outlet, dual shut-off operation permits you to shut-off water flow to one fixture while maintaining water flow to another fixture
  • Code approved replacement where separate shut-offs are required for two lines, Knurled oval handle provides a secure grip and smooth on/off operation
  • Straight inlet to outlet design (same-side outlets) is great for installations in tight spaces
  • Machined one-piece brass body provides strength, durability, and long-lasting performance
  • For use with water in accessible locations only.
  • Easy-to-remove handle with screw attachment protects accidental stop operation during rough-ins
  • 100% compliant product available,
  • Not intended for recirculating systems that produce continuous use temperatures above 115 F.

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