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Perfect Seal- Fits Flange Heights 1/2" Above to 1-1/2" Below, Temperature- 40-150°F, 125 PSI max


  • Locke Part #: C0333
  • Mfg. Part #: 9D0010718X
  • Manufacturer: LSP Products

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  • No mess
  • Creates a permanent gas, odor and watertight seal
  • Guaranteed to work with any toilet installation
  • Creates the Perfect Seal for any flange height (1/2 above floor to 1-1/2 below floor).
  • Seals if there is movement in the toilet or floor
  • Works with any drain size
  • Increased sealing surface creates 3X stronger seal than wax rings
  • Toilet can be repositioned as needed
  • Stabilizes bolts

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