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FC Wireless Clamp Module Apple/Android


  • Locke Part #: T2190
  • Mfg. Part #: FLK-A3000FC
  • Manufacturer: FLUKE CORP

For pricing information and availability please contact your local branch.

  • The Fluke a3000 FC Wireless AC Current Clamp Module is a fully functional true-RMS current clamp meter that wirelessly relays measure-ments to other Fluke Connect enabled master units, listed below:
  • Fluke 3000 FC DMM
  • Fluke Ti200/300/400 Infrared Camera
  • PC via optional pc3000 FC Adapter
  • Fluke Connect Mobile app
  • The Fluke a3000 FC Wireless AC Current Clamp Module has all the essentials for convenient test and measurement troubleshooting:
  • True-RMS AC clamp meter
  • Measure up to 400 A AC
  • Use as a standalone meter or as part of the system
  • Logging function for recording and saving up to 65,000 readings
  • Inrush function
  • Battery life: 400 hours
  • Battery type: 2 AA, NEDA 15 A, IEC LR6
  • Inrush: Max displayed reading: 999.9A
  • Log rate/interval: 1 sec minimum/adjustable by PC
  • Memory: Record up to 65,000 readings
  • Range: 400.0 A
  • Resolution: 0.1 A