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0.57" ID x 12" Braided Water Heater Connector with 3/4" F.I.P x 3/4" F.I.P end Fittings


  • Locke Part #: E0077
  • Mfg. Part #: BWBO-12
  • Manufacturer: BrassCraft

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  • Superior corrosion resistance to harsh chemicals found in common household cleaning and plumbing repair products, Won t work harden even with repeated bending
  • Greater strength & flexibility. The patented polymer braid exhibits greater elasticity than stainless steel braiding, significantly increasing the flexibility of the connector
  • No kinking, no crimping. The polymer braided jacket is specially engineered to bend freely without kinking or crimping the connector, Available for PEX connections
  • No dielectric union needed with installation as the braiding and rubber are constructed of non-conductive materials, Less torque to seal against the pliable rubber washer, especially on rough nipple surfaces
  • Longer connector nuts allow a greater number of thread-to-thread contacts and offer a better seal
  • For use in exposed locations only to connect water heaters and other water connected devices to the water supply. 100% Compliant
  • Not intended for use with recirculating water systems that produce continuous use temperatures above 115 F.

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