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Fujitsu K9709680810 PCB Inverter Control Board Assembly For AOU36RLXFZ1 Compressor


  • Locke Part #: L3744
  • Mfg. Part #: K9709680810
  • Manufacturer: Fujitsu General

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  • Almost all of Fujitsu's heat pumps use inverter technology and as such offer a wider operating range and more heat capacity than a standard heat pump
  • An Inverter is a system that controls the rotational speed (not just an ON/OFF signal) of an electric motor by adjusting the frequency and voltage of the electrical power supplied to the motor
  • Desired temperature in half the time
  • Lower RPMs = quieter operation
  • More heat at lower outdoor temperatures
  • Stable temperature
  • The inverter constantly regulates the compressor speed to its optimum energy usage, producing higher refrigerant performance with less power consumption
  • This system provides individual temperature control throughout your home or business so each room, zone or floor will be the temperature you set
  • Up to 30%?more efficient
  • Suitable For Use With: AOU36RLXFZ1 Compressor
  • Type: Inverter Control Board