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Airex Pro-System KitTGS-610G-72X-B 2-in-1 System Wall Penetration Seal Outlet and Insulation Protection, For Use With 5/8 and 7/8 in Tubing


  • Locke Part #: L7678
  • Mfg. Part #: TGS-610G-72X-B
  • Manufacturer: AIREX
  • UPC: 793573006103

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  • Meets mandatory building codes, energy, residential, mechanical, and green codes
  • Includes airex titan outlet
  • Includes airex E-flex guard
  • Outlet to guard secures with mechanical clamp connection
  • Removable/reusable application for maintenance
  • Superior outdoor UV/weather grade resistant construction
  • Self-gripping, dual-bonded hook and loop fastening system
  • Protector and class II vapor retarder (all-in-one)
  • Gasket compression system seals wall air leakage and weather moisture wall damage
  • Flexible elastomeric outlet sleeve design offers, anti-wind, anti-rodent features
  • Design supports HVAC systems with wall isolation and anti-vibration features
  • Flexible sleeve reduces piping vibration and noise
  • Protects indoor air quality
  • Hardware included: pre-mounted gasket, mechanical stainless steel clamp, bead of lubricant, 4 all-material screws, pre-mounted neoprene washers, zip-ties
  • Fits: 5/8 and 7/8 in tubing with 1 in insulation wall thickness
  • Application: Building Walls, Roof Parapet Walls, Roof Curb Walls and Roof Service Walls, Stucco, Masonry, Concrete, Metal Paneling, Brick, Siding or Compact and Roof Membranes
  • Color: Gray Titan Outlet/Black E-Flex Guard
  • Country of Origin: US
  • Domestic/Import: Domestic
  • Includes: Hardware
  • Material: PVC
  • Mfg Standards/Approvals: ASTM E283, E331, D1525C-09, D648-07, D412, D573-04, D746-07, G153, E96, G21, D570, UL94 HB, 746C
  • Package Height: 6.125 in
  • Package Length: 12.125 in
  • Package Width: 10.0 in
  • Suitable For Use With: 5/8 and 7/8 in Tubing
  • Type: 2-in-1 System