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ComfortPLENUM CPH21-5E 4-Zone Sheet Metal Plenum With Zone Dampers and Bypass Damper Built In


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  • Save installation space. No external dampers require no extra attic or crawl space. Also, no extra space required to service external dampers.
  • Save installation time. Dampers come installed in the plenum. Install Comfort-PLENUM, then starting collars and start running duct to each zone.
  • It's a good-looking job. Damper motors are mounted on the plenum. Red and green L.E.D.'s indicate each damper's position.
  • ComfortPLENUM is a 21"  x 21"  rectangular plenum with 2"  duct liner inside built from 24 gauge sheet metal.
  • Power open/power close motors, 18 inch/lbs torque, 30 second run time, 90 degree travel
  • Each motor includes LED's to indicate opening (green) and closing (red) movement when blinking. LED's are solid once motor is fully open or fully closed.
  • Motors have two stop limits that allow the adjustment of a maximum open position and a minimum closed position.
  • All dampers have a thermally insulated (made from 3/8"  gasket material) motor mounting plate that allows no air leakage outside the plenum.
  • Plenums have been pressure tested up to 2 inches e.s.p.
  • Each damper has a large decal called a " cutting guide"  on the outside that corresponds to the damper on the inside. This cutting guide shows the installer where to cut the hole for the starting collar.
  • ComfortPLENUM dampers are gear driven opposed blade dampers with less than 10% bleed factor.
  • Each plenum has approximately 10 inches of transition material on the equipment end of the plenum.
  • ComfortPLENUM can be rotated 90 or 180 to accommodate the application space requirements.
  • Dimensions: 5 ft L x 21 in W x 21 in H
  • Duct Size: 2 in
  • Includes: Zone Damper, Bypass Damper Built-in
  • Material: Sheet Metal
  • Position Indicator: Configured on Shaft
  • Power: 24VAC, 2.5 VA typical (4 VA max)
  • Type: Horizontal