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Copper Tube LineSet, SuctionLine Size-3/4", Insulation Thickness-1/2", Length-50’


For pricing information and availability please contact your local branch.

  • Increased system efficiency using factory applied insulation
  • Correct lengths for reducing waste
  • Quality, consistency and economy
  • Uses
  • - Split System Air Conditioning, Chilled Water Systems, Warm Water System
  • All Cerro Set tubing tested in accordance with ASTM E243 and provided with no detectable defects.
  • Standard Linesets
  • Temper:
  • 050-060 (soft anneal) Annealed to customer specification
  • Specifications:
  • Currently there is no ASTM specification for insulated copper tube
  • End Finishing:
  • Swaged end 90 degree bend Plain end
  • Length (Ft): 50’
  • Lineset End: 90° Bend
  • Liquid Line Size: 3/8"
  • Refrigerant: R-22, 404-A, R-502, R-134-A
  • Suction Line Size: 3/4"
  • Line Sets