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Heat Pump 5 KW 230/208 V Chassis (cord not included)


  • Locke Part #: L5029
  • Mfg. Part #: AZ65H15DAB
  • Manufacturer: GE APPLIANCE

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  • Deluxe 3800 series cooling with heat pump and resistance heat includes all features of 2800 series, plus:
  • Reverse cycle heating - Energy savings over electric resistance heat - Significantly lower operating costs
  • Heat pump operation down to 25 f outdoor temperature, Two-stage thermostat for quicker heat recovery
  • Optional factory installed internal condensate removal (ICR) - Minimizes need for drain systems
  • Heat pump and resistance heat can operate together - Better room comfort - Reduces operating costs over all standard heat pump systems
  • Reverse cycle defrost - Extends heat pump operation - Lowers operating costs
  • Electric resistance heat lockout - Lowers operating costs by restricting electric heat operation when outdoor temperature is above 46 F.