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Multi-position (Upflow, Downflow, Horizontal) Air Handler with Variable Speed Motor, 208-230/60/1 Voltage, 2.5 Tons


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  • Application
  • 2 - 5 ton sizes, Upflow, horizontal, and downflow capable
  • Sequenced for demand management, External access to heater circuit breakers
  • Installation
  • Shipped in one piece, but may be disassembled into two separate pieces for ease of installation
  • Multiposition - Factory ready for upflow, downflow, and horizontal left/ right applications
  • No external screw heads on the sides of the unit to fit in tight spaces
  • Cabinet
  • Thick fiberglass insulation, Painted, heavy-gauge galvanized cabinet
  • Filter rack built into every air handler, 2% or less air leakage
  • Dual position drain pans designed for upflow, downflow or horizontal applications
  • Deep, corrosion resistant plastic drain pans have dual pipe drains
  • Microban antimicrobial drain pans protect from mold, mildew, and other harmful microbes
  • Thick rubber gaskets between each section insure tight seal when converted to downflow
  • Components
  • Efficient ECM variable speed motors, 70 VA transformer
  • Field-installed 5-20 kW electric heat kits with easy plug connections
  • Built-in indoor time delay for increased efficiency, Sleeves on distributor tubing to protect tubing
  • Controls
  • Communicating control enabled
  • Thermostat flexibility: works with the Comfort T-Stat or a conventional 24V T-Stat
  • Self diagnostics saves last 10 fault codes regardless of power interruption
  • Warranty
  • 10-year limited parts warranty available when applied with a system.

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