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125,000 BTU Separated Combustion Unit Heater


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  • Perfect for light commercial and greenhouse applications
  • Introduces clean combustible outside air when required.
  • Wiring junction box is located outside of unit
  • Ideal for hard-to-heat applications where excessive dust, dirt, humidity, or negative pressure is a concern.
  • Heating capacities from 45,000 300,000 BTUH
  • Up to 82% thermal efficiency.
  • Compact cabinet design on 45,000 75,000 BTUH models.
  • Hinged door allows easy access to components.
  • Sidewall venting eliminates roof penetrations.
  • Self-diagnostic board with LED display improves troubleshooting efficiency and accuracy.
  • Tubular heat exchangers made of aluminized steel.
  • Power exhaust system allows horizontal venting to 25 ft.
  • Direct drive propeller fans are dynamically balanced for quiet and smooth opera.

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