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Water Panel Evaporator for Model 350, 360, 560, 568, 600, 700, 760, 768 humidifiers.


  • Locke Part #: L7108
  • Mfg. Part #: 35
  • Manufacturer: Aprilaire
  • UPC: 686720000355

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  • Equipped with a bypass damper, this humidifier uses the furnace blower to move air through a water panel, humidified air is then distributed to the home.
  • Helps protect against discomfort, Illness and damage by eliminating parched, dry air throughout the entire home
  • Eliminates the need to make constant manual adjustments with exclusive no touch operation
  • Maintains proper humidity levels throughout the home by sensing changes in outdoor temperature and indoor relative humidity routinely
  • Ensures the best performance all the time as an intelligent product that reminds you when to change the water panel
  • Improves comfort, well-being, preservation and energy savings, generating up to 50% more moisture than humidifiers using a manual control