Aprilaire Media Air Cleaner, 20 X 25 (Nominal), Merv 13.

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Aprilaire Media Air Cleaner, 20 X 25 (Nominal), Merv 13.


  • Locke Part #: L7134
  • Mfg. Part #: 2210
  • Manufacturer: Aprilaire
  • UPC: 686720022104

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  • A whole house air cleaner.
  • Permanently traps and removes at least 97% of pollen-sized particles (5.0 microns) when new.
  • Traps and permanently removes at least 70% of mold- and spore-sized particles (3.0 microns) when new.
  • Resistance with a new media ranges from 0.07 w.g. (at 800 cfm) to 0.29 w.g. at 2000 cfm.
  • Unit operation is completely silent.
  • The only maintenance required is replacement of the disposable media.
  • Outer housing is heavy gauge galvanized steel.
  • Warrantied for the lifetime of the product (except of the disposable media and inner housing seals).
  • UL classified.