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Locke Part #: M0878 MFG Part #: HS18004
SUPCO - Sealed Unit Parts Co 684176180041
Rx-Acid Scavenger provides a better, more convenient way to neutralized or scavenge acid in refrigeration, air conditioning systems after burnouts or during normal on-going systems maintenance, Normal dosage rate is 2 fl. oz. of Rx-Acid Scavenger for up to one gallon of system oil., That is 50% less than other acid neutralizing products., This low treat feature means far less material has to be added to the systems., Rx-Acid Scavenger is formulated for use with all lubricants - mineral, alkylbenzene and polyol ester., Use after system burnout to scavenge acid products in the system, or change a system with Rx-Acid Scavenger to neutralize acid conditions should they develop., Eliminates acid build-up, Compatible with all oils and refrigerants (except ammonia), Protects against future acid contamination, Helps prevent compressor burnout, Half the dose needed versus other brands, Easy to use pressurized and liquid packages, One kit for all oils: Use with: Mineral oil, Alkylbenzene oil, POE oil, Application:, Acid neutralizer for air conditioning & refrigeration systems:, For compressor burnout, For system maintenance, One kit for all oils. Use with:, Mineral oil, Alkylbenzene oil, POE oil Nu-Calgon
Locke Part #: M0808 MFG Part #: HS17004
Original liquid dehydrant, frees your frozen system in minutes, Seeks out moisture and chemically bonds to it, Aids with oil return in low temperature systems, Enhanced moisture control in even the most advanced systems, Compatible with all refrigerants and lubricants, Sold 12 / Case, Helps prevent the formation of acid, Environmentally sound, Biodegradable, 4 ounce bottle SUPCO - Sealed Unit Parts Co 684176170042
Locke Part #: M0807 MFG Part #: HS20004
SUPCO - Sealed Unit Parts Co 684176200046