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SureSwitch Relay - Universal Electronic Upgrade for Mechanical Compressor Contactors: 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 30 FLA, 150 LRA, 24 VAC Coil - UP TO 40A 1-1.5P APPLIC, Microprocessor controlled sealed compressor switching, Line voltage brownout protection, Short cycle protection, Tricolor LED displays, Heavy-duty lug connectors, Zero chatter latching relay, Four-hole mounting matches mechanical contactors, Random start delay on power up and brownout recovery, Compressor test and cycle count by pushbutton, 5x contactor life, Sealed relay to keep out ants and debris, Microprocessor control nearly eliminates contact welding and pitting, Ideal install with new Preventative Maintenance contracts, Compressor is protected from brownouts and short cycling, Save on pest control treatments White-Rodgers