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For commercial dishwasher use only., Specially designed frequency with powerful double output signal., Helps control scaling in the pipes and dishwasher equipment., Descaling Method:, Enclosure Specs:, made out of high-impact ABS moulded plastic, NEMA 4X rated, UL approved. Mounting brackets included. Weatherproof enclosure., Signal Cable:, 2 sets of 18 gauge stranded wire, 56 feet long per set., Warranty:, 5 years parts and labour. CLEARWATER ENVIRO TECH
Small to large homes, Works on COPPER, PVC, CPVC, PEX pipe, Moderately hard to very hard water area (up to 19 gpg), Indoor installation only, UL/CUL listed, Descaling Method:, Enclosure Specs:, made out of high-impact ABS moulded plastic., Signal Cable:, 18 gauge, single stranded wire, 46 feet long., Warranty:, 3 years with extended warranty available. CLEARWATER ENVIRO TECH
Finest mineral ionization system in the world., All newly designed state-of-the-art microprocessor designed model features a large LCD display for easy monitoring., Features 120 precise settings., Unique flow-cell assembly allows for visual inspection of the electrodes and easy change-out without any tools., Unit includes a built in MineralPure (small R) that will remove and prevent limes scale build-up in pipes, pool equipment and pool walls., Durable weatherproof enclosure includes PVC fittings, a unique flow cell chamber, test kit and signal cable., Unit automatically adjust to 110/220 VAC upon installation., NASA licensed technology., Ionization Method:, electrolysis of copper or copper/silver alloy electrodes., Electrode Chamber:, 2 black tee with bushings for 2 or 1-1/2 PVC pipe., Electrode:, one set 3" long, comprised of copper (CLE-11) or optionally available copper/silver alloy (CLE-42 or CLE-44)., Enclosure:, weather resistant NEMA 4 rated high impact corrosion resistant thermoplastic with hinged polycarbonate cover, includes mounting brackets., Certifications:, UL Listed File Number E354947, NSF tested to NSF/ANSI Standard 50-2011., Circuit Protection:, Internal Fuse and Input Line surge protection to IEC 61000-4-5, level 3, Fuses:, 1 ea 2A Slo Acting, Cartridge Style, 250 VAC, 5x20mm; 1 ea 4A Slo Acting, Cartridge Style, 250 VAC, 5x20mm, Warranty:, 5 years, parts and labour - excluding electrodes. CLEARWATER ENVIRO TECH
Calcium Hardness Test Kit
Locke Part #: E0361 MFG Part #: CLA-139
Great for sales presentations!, Recommends proper ScaleBlaster unit based on water hardness, Easy to read sizing chart located on the front of the test kit, Simple to use test kit that is extremely accurate CLEARWATER ENVIRO TECH
CitraCharge Pro dishwasher system
Locke Part #: E1037 MFG Part #: CITRAPRO
NUVOH20 857298004148
CitraCharge Pro Single Replacement Cartridge
Locke Part #: E1038 MFG Part #: CITRAPRO RC1
NUVOH20 857298004155
Nuvo complete replacement cartridge & filter
Locke Part #: E1036 MFG Part #: NCHP-42516
NUVOH20 857298004124
Nuvo Complete Water Soft/Filter
Locke Part #: E1035 MFG Part #: DPNCB
NUVOH20 857298004117
Contents:, SB-150 Descaler, PVC Pipe, Suitcase CLEARWATER ENVIRO TECH