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HYDRO BALANCE 651265003628
H-2301.jpgMineral Refrigeration Oil #3
Locke Part #: M1396MFG Part #: H-2301
Packaged by Hydro-Balance Corporation, manufactured by Calumet Lubricants. Meets or exceeds the specifications of most equipment manufacturers including General Electric, Danfoss, Bristol, Copeland, Trane, Carrier (Carlyle) & Tecumseh. HYDRO BALANCE 651265003666
Z150.jpgZ150 Alkylbenzene Refrigeration Oil
Locke Part #: M1072MFG Part #: Z150 01
HYDRO BALANCE 651265003864
Z300.jpgZ300 Alkylbenzene Refrigeration Oil
Locke Part #: M1073MFG Part #: Z300 01
HYDRO BALANCE 651265003888