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Cable Fishing and Magnespot Locating Kit
Locke Part #: T2323 MFG Part #: XP1000-LC-MS
process that can be taught in one hour., Reduces cable fishing time by 70 Percent, Eliminates wall damage due to misplaced holes, Eliminates the need for a stud finder, Reduces time in the attic, Pulls through insulation in seconds, Allows for installations in confined spaces, Pulls under carpet, Includes Carry Case, Retriever Unit, Jack Chain, Magnespot and Drop Magnet with Leader, The Magnespot Locator works like this:, 1. Attach the reference marker at the desired location. The reference marker may be attached using the insertion pin or the reusable adhesive that is provided in the kit. LABOR SAVING SYSTEMS
Poly Pull Line
Locke Part #: T4860 MFG Part #: 31-340
Super high strength, self-lubricated polyolefin line lasts for years, blow directly into conduit using Dial-A-Line Seal-off bodies. 6500' bucket. Ideal Industries
High performance pulling rope made from ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fibers, 2 Sizes for all your circuit wire pulls: 1/8" pulling rope with 1,100 lbs. of breaking strength, Ultra low stretch, UV resistant, lightweight pulling rope, 24% reduction in the coefficient of friction, as compared to traditional pulling ropes, Dual factory installed pulling eyes, Does not absorb water, no rope rot, 1/8" QWIKrope can easily be vacuumed into any conduit run up to 290 ft. Southwire Company