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M0728.jpg50 Lb. Snow ’N Ice Melter
Locke Part #: M0728MFG Part #: CL50B
Specially formulated to act fast & effectively even under extreme conditions. Melts snow & ice immediately. Will not solidify in storage. MASSCO, INC
Affex Ice Melter.jpgIce Melt Affex Ice Melter Bag, Size - 50 lbs
Locke Part #: M1728MFG Part #: AF10294
Blends together sodium chloride and magnesium chloride that delivers a variety of advantages over your basic rock salt formulation., This blend melts to lower temperatures (-7 F) and is less harmful to grass and vegetation., Corrosion inhibitor reduces potential damage to metal, concrete and the environment., High-visibility blue crystals help avoid under or over applying for a more efficient application that saves time and money. MASSCO, INC