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1/4" x 25' EZ Kleen Auger
Locke Part #: T0265 MFG Part #: 630030
High tensile spring wire. Pistol grip handle, steel drum for fast clearing of clogged drains and waste lines. Spin action permits passage of wire through traps and around bends with ease. GENERAL WIRE SPRING
3' Handle Closet Auger
Locke Part #: T0250 MFG Part #: 720050
Plated wire. Features sturdy wood handle, vinyl bowl guard, 1 piece integral auger head. 3 ft. long. GENERAL WIRE SPRING
3/8" x 50' Auger w/handle
Locke Part #: T0263 MFG Part #: 710440
Hi-tensil spring wire with handle., 3/8" x 50' spiral gimlet head. GENERAL WIRE SPRING
6' Closet Auger
Locke Part #: T0251 MFG Part #: 59797
Telescoping Urinal Auger
Locke Part #: T0217 MFG Part #: 262020
Gets through urinals where other snakes can't. A specially designed spring has the toughness and flexibility to negotiate tight urinal bends. Telescoping Teletube model TU4 features a 48" spring for clearing stoppages beyond the urinal. GENERAL WIRE SPRING