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HOT SHOT-2 25 lb cylinder
Locke Part #: L1244 MFG Part #: HS2-25
Zero Ozone Depletion Potential, Non Toxic and Non Flammable, HFC - Ozone Safe, Compatible with all compressor oils, Can be topped off after leak has been repaired, Widespread availability, No oil change to AB or POE, ASHRAE Designated R-417C, No TEV or cap tube replacement, Replaces R-12, R-134a, R-500, R-401A/B, R-409A, R-414B, R-416A, R-420A, R-426A, R-437 & R-414A in most applications., EPA SNAP Listed - Stationary Equipment Only, R-12 and 134a low, medium and high temp refrigeration, R-12 and 500 air conditioning ICOR International 834674000000
NU-22B (25lb cylinder)
Locke Part #: L1243 MFG Part #: R422B
EPA SNAP listed R-22 replacement., ASHRAE designated R-422B., Has the ASHRAE safety classification, A1 (nontoxic/nonflammable)., Can be used in MO, AB and POE designed systems. No unnecessary oil change is required., Greater capacity than its predecessor, R-417A., Its operating pressures are closer to R-22 than any other R-22 replacement on the market today., Successfully used in system applications ranging from residential to industrial., Available through wholesale distributors from coast to coast., 15-20% less expensive than its predecessor., Available in 25 lb. disposable cylinders and bulk refillable cylinders., Produced in the USA and packaged in American made cylinders., Non-ozone depleting, Non-toxic., No line set changes., Can be tapped off after leak has been repaired., Enable continued use of existing equipment., Can use R-22 TEV and power element., Widespread availability., Replaces R-22, R-407C, R-417A, R-421A, R-422D, R-424A, R-427A, R-434A, R-438A. ICOR International 834674000000
ONE SHOT-C 24 # cylinder
Locke Part #: L1302 MFG Part #: OS-24
ASHRAE R-422C, Higher Capacity & COP than R-404A & R507A, 20% Lower Global Warming Potential Compatible with MO, AB, and Poe Based Oils, Zero Ozone Depletion Potential, Non Toxic and Nonflammable, Suitable For New and Existing Equipment Can Be Topped Off Repeatedly, HFC Leak Detectors Suitable For Use with One Shot (C), Replaces R-402A, R-402B, R-404A, R-408A, R-502, and R-507A. Also replaces R-22 for low-temperature and medium-temperature applications., Can use R-502/404A TEV and power element., Can be tapped off after leak has been repaired., 20% lower GWP vs. 404A and 507A, Significantly lower energy usage vs. 22 in med and low temp refrigeration. ICOR International 834674000000
R-134a is for use in factory installed and/or retrofitted R-134a air conditioning systems., Comes with standard 1/4 HVAC male fitting. Dynatemp Refrigerants 610320134301
Dynatemp Refrigerants 851859000181