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Korky 2" Adjustable Flush Valve & Flapper, Height Adjustable 7" to 11-1/2"


  • Locke Part #: C0296
  • Mfg. Part #: 4020PK
  • Manufacturer: Lavelle Industries
  • UPC: 049057102916

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  • Quick to install, adjustable height means no hack sawing required
  • Universal design, fits all 2-piece toilet tank brands
  • Height easily adjusts from 7" to 11-1/2", Oversized tube and funnel reduce flood risk
  • Fixes: Leak between tank and bowl, worn flush valve seating surface, Stainless steel chain
  • Engineered materials resist chlorine
  • Kit includes: flush valve & Korky Plus flapper, 5 year warranty