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Application, 1-1/2 - 5 ton sizes, Upflow and horizontal, Sequenced for demand management, External access to heater circuit breakers, Installation, 1 Piece design for easier installation, Multiposition - Upflow/Horizontal Left/Right, Unit approved for installation in manufactured housing and mobile homes, Cabinet, Foil faced insulation, Painted, heavy-gauge galvanized cabinet, High-strength, UV- and heat-resistant plastic drain pan for corrosion resistance, 2% or less air leakage, Components, Efficient PSC blower motors, Standard transformer and blower relay, Field-installed 2.5-20 kW electric heat kits with easy plug connections, Built-in indoor time delay for increased efficiency, Accessories, Counter flow Kit, Single point power kit, Warranty, 10-year limited parts warranty available when applied with a system CONCORD