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Small to large homes, Works on COPPER, PVC, CPVC, PEX pipe, Moderately hard to very hard water area (up to 19 gpg), Indoor installation only, UL/CUL listed, Descaling Method:, Enclosure Specs:, made out of high-impact ABS moulded plastic., Signal Cable:, 18 gauge, single stranded wire, 46 feet long., Warranty:, 3 years with extended warranty available. CLEARWATER ENVIRO TECH
CitraCharge Pro dishwasher system
Locke Part #: E1037 MFG Part #: CITRAPRO
NUVOH20 857298004148
CitraCharge Pro Single Replacement Cartridge
Locke Part #: E1038 MFG Part #: CITRAPRO RC1
NUVOH20 857298004155
Nuvo complete replacement cartridge & filter
Locke Part #: E1036 MFG Part #: NCHP-42516
NUVOH20 857298004124
Nuvo Complete Water Soft/Filter
Locke Part #: E1035 MFG Part #: DPNCB
NUVOH20 857298004117